Friday, October 30, 2009

Downturns become Upturns

"Living in this kind of economy is often intimidating; I see success at this Design Engine: job placements, new product designs and ideas, new business sects formed. Downturns become upturns and here at Design Engine we prepare people for when that inevitable upswing comes" - Bart Brejcha, Principal Engineer, Design Engine

Design Engine believes that ones mind should always be engaged versus taking training courses with a step by step book in front of you.  Participants at Design Engine learn to solve engineering problems like a puzzle. They are given a specific problem to solve and are shown specific tools to use to solve the problem. Students develop what Design Engine likes to call a toolbox. Their toolbox is full of processes and work flows that can be used to find solutions to innumerable amount of problems that engineers are faced with daily. And just like a puzzle, after solving it students are left with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that generates confidence which drives creativity. The confidence also lets engineers have fun with their jobs and then they cannot wait to have the next problem to solve. Armed with this process, designed by Design Engine, our participants feel freedom and confident to find new jobs, solve complex problems, estimate projects, capture form faster or design with more confidence. This is quite unlike other technical schools as they give a book to the student and the student only has one way to go- failure. Design Engine's most popular class is their four week Pro/ENGINEER Comprehensive Course that covers everything from basic modeling to routed cable design, plastics, surfacing and much more.  After the class, students have over 160 hours of Pro/ENGINEER training and are ready to be competitive in the job market.

Design Engine Education is a technical vocational training center located in the West Loop of Chicago. Design Engine focuses on teaching industrial designers, engineers, and mechanically inclined individuals how to design and engineer products using 3D software. Design Engine Software: Pro/ENGINEER, Maya, Alias, Rhino, Photoshop, Adobe Flash, among others. When an unemployed individual participants in a course at Design Engine, the Design Engine staff  being well trained to help participants locate job as soon as possible runs the participant through a specific process for locating a job. From day one participant resumes are reviewed, revised, and then entered into an online websume database available to hundreds of hiring managers across the country. Students are also allowed to look through Design Engines database of over 10,000 contacts many of which are hiring managers that learned their trade at Design Engine.

Design Engine Education
Bart Brejcha
120 N Green St. Ste 605  
Chicago, IL 60607
ph: 312.226.8339

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