Friday, October 16, 2009

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Considering the state of the economy and the poor attendance of various PTCUSER events, I offer a series of presentations that educate participants on plastics, diecasting, and forging related to Pro/ENGINEER. My hope is to increse the attendance. If your group would be interested in having me speak at your next event contact 312.226.8339 and arange with whom answers the phone.

For the the talk next month I would like to do a presentation to the group regarding free form surfacing using Pro/SURFACE and ISDX. The 45 minute talk leads the group down a path by taking a chair through many design scenarios. By manipulating curves and surfaces the seat goes through many iterations of design. The chair starts out as a basic surface geometry and then I take it through a series of modifying techniques and the geometry matures the form from basic ugly char to a task chair for the office into an Indy race car seat, then into a seat for outdoors and so on. I display all the modeling techniques live and after the demonstration I will explain how these modeling techniques work all while getting the audience to understand how surfacing can enhance their overall product look all while remaining easy to modify. Being able to model surfaces like this can save design engineer 80 to 90 percent on a typical surfacing project.
Past Presentations
My presentations are typicly packed with tips and techniques for helping designers get their jobs done faster smarter and with less mistakes. One talk for example is titled, "Mistakes Easily Made with Plastic Part Design: and how to avoid the typical mistakes,". Most plastics part designers for example get a sink mark in their parts even when they know all the rules. I simply share tips from my plastic part design class for avoiding all those mistakes such as using relations and parameters to maintain a 70 percent rule for ribs with respect to the nominal wall thickness . Other talks I do are related to ergonomics and offer specific techniques for surfacing modeling joysticks to seats to drill housings. Other topics I have presented on in the past are with respect to gear design and Mechanisms. For example using Pro/ENGINEER and a top down design example of a single cylinder engine and mechanize it all from scratch live . Other topics that are of significant interest are my A class surfacing , basic surfacing , making IGES geometry parametric, harness design with RSD  and Pro/CABLE. Since I know Pro/ENGINEER and teach product design and engineering workshops, I do not use Powerpoint.  That fact can be funny sice most of the user presentations are powerpoint presentations. 

Bart Brejcha 312.226.8339

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