Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Michicagn workers

Workforce Investment Act
WIA federal grant training money now available to Michigan Residents to empower the unemployed and underemployed in many states. To inquire please call 312.226.8339. Ask about WIA and how can we help you get a job. See us on the Michigan WIA Training Providers site! 

DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has joined the Workforce Investment Act effort to help the unemployed and underemployed gain career training that is enabling and empowering in the workplace. Michigan's WIA program will give you funding to take our four weeks of Pro/ENGINEER Training.
Due to the slow economy and the large number of unemployed persons in the United States the federal government has made certain grant money available for training underemployed. Some grant money is available for manufacturers training their current workforce too.
With the grant, Design Engine Education gives our most popular four week comprehensive computer aided design software  Pro/ENGINEER. We have helped over 2,000 people obtain employment from our four week comprehensive workshop over the past 15 years.
You don't have to be unemployed, funding extends to large companies as well. Take Pro/ENGINEER training for example: an engineer gets laid off from a major manufacture and has 3,000 plus hours on Pro/ENGINEER. He or she can take our four week class with WIA funds to first get acquainted with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 training then undergo two weeks of Pro/SURFACE Training and ISDX Training or Mechanica Training and Pro/CABLE. The person leaves our Pro/E training with skills most employers don't even have. Often with out even advanced notice, we will custom build any course.

The faculty and staff at DESIGN ENGINE|EDUCATION are committed to helping you find the career you are looking for or to help you excel in your present career. We are your advocates and we want to help you grow with skills and technique. Your success is of utmost important to us. We also provide help with your resume and offer insightful interview help. In the design world, our highly recognizable name can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door at your dream job. We maintain an active relationship with contract agencies such as Aerotek, Peak Technical, Black Diamond, Oxford International, and Butler to name only a few. Contract agencies actively recruit from our resume bank of past students. After you take a class with us,  our doors are forever open to you whenever you need them!


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