Friday, October 09, 2009

A delema for training...

An engineer wants to take training but does not have the money for the four week class.

there is a delema worthy of discussion.

Let me paint my learning curve/progression. First we state one obvious point. Engineers tend to learn on their own... That is why you hire an engineer because they figure out how to do things.

I learned surfacing on my own... after two years of using it (1994) I was the expert. I imported geometry from Alias, rebuilt it in Pro/SURFACE and basically set standards at Motorola for managing import geometry.   Three years (1997) later I realized only in hindsight how little I knew after that two year mark of 1994. Five years later (2002) I forged new modeling techniques and incorporated surfacing from the high end Alias users. I sat at GM at night watching learning listing.... then tried all that in Pro/E pushing hard on what I knew to forge further. I realized how much more I knew about surfacing from that 1997 mark. I hit road blocks and used software to surpass the road blocks. five years later... its 2007.

I designed the  Pro/E surfacing week so to aid participants to compress that learning and discovery time of 10 years into a five day workshop that I wish I could have had 15 years ago.

So the delema seams simple. What is your time worth and how much money can you make with these tools/skills?    For me I know I would have failed less, modeled faster, created modifiable models, satisfied the design teams, made managers happier, kept that one job, charged $10 more per hour, and end the end made more money.

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