Saturday, October 17, 2009

Design Engine: More than just a name

The word engine ... it makes the motorcycle go and the car drive.  It's the heart and center of a vehicle.  In that respect Design Engine is the vehicle for pushing your career farther!

So Design Engine is more than just a name.  Its meaning conveys that we push the participants in an organized step-by-step process helping those in their current job excel or helping people find new exciting and more fulfilling jobs.  Many past students thank us for the motivation they received even ten years after attending a  Design Engine course.

WHY Design Engine is more than just a name:

1.  We don't just teach Pro/E or Rhino or Alias at Design Engine; we teach design and engineering.  I chose Pro/ENGINEER and designed this course called the four week comprehensive pro/engineer workshop.

2.  Resume help. We help with resume and job placement and/or offer encouragement for advancing at your current position or in your current field. We know what the managers are looking for in designers and engineers. We simply make sure your resume reflects those things. We also prepare you in the class to be able to answer questions during an interview. Our database is filled with thousands of contacts for job applicants or networking that we make available to all of our students for as long as they need them.

3. Our online websume service.  After we use our skills to improve your resume we allow you to post your resume on our websume site. Be prepared to receive 5 or more calls per week! Notice the list is fairly short, we take students down once they find jobs.

Sample websumes:

4. Assistance with contract agencies.  The agencies call us for applicants because we often custom train individuals for jobs that are in demand.  For example, there are many open requisitions for Pro/CABLE and RSD users and we often teach 2 weeks of both Pro/CABLE and RSD in our four week Pro/ENGINEER class.

--at any given time there are five Pro/CABLE or RSD jobs on Dice or CE weekly. 

5. Motivation.  Design Engine breathes inspiration into people and inspires them to reach for new tools with new vocabulary in both Industrial Design or Engineering.  For example, by showing a mechanical engineer what an industrial designer is and thinks, we open an entirely new field for more employment.

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