Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Classes for Engineers interested in Aero Dynamics with Pro/ENGINEER

We have several new classes at Design Engine that go far beyond our regular surfacing classes and far beyond what the PTC resellers are capable of. For the past 15 years, Design Engine has put specific focus on product design training and with that, we developed A-Class surfacing workshops in both Alias, Rhino and Pro/ENGINEER. These classes matured over the years. See these links:
A-Class Surfacing using ISDX
Alias A Class Surfacing in Auto Studio

NEW CLASSES: Aero Forms for Aerodynamics Engineers
The new classes we have implemented are for engineers and individuals without degrees interested in working with Aerodynamics engineers or Aero forms.
Surfacing Aero Forms using Pro/ENGINEER

Since there is a huge demand for highly skilled surfacing experts (and we noticed an even higher demand for Pro/E surfacing in the aerodynamics companies like Boeing, Northrup Grumman, and General Dynamics), we created this 2-day workshop. It is recommended that individuals interested in this class first take our 1-week surfacing class and then come back a month or so later for this 2-day aero Dynamics workshop.

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