Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Dream Job is NOT Impossible

In the united states as recent as 1975, parents would pay an employment agency tall cash to assist their 22 year old son (recent graduate) a job. Dad's paid that fee to conclude and get the kid out of the house as they say (after college). Those 'employment agency' advertisements could not guarantee a job legally but if they had good success rates and client testimonials then people paid the fee. They would manage resume with their customer, pool from the employment agency contacts, coach the candidates and actually assist their clients into obtain a job.

The culture changed to where the hiring manager pays the fees. The later came in the form of a percentage or margin paid out from an hourly rate or a yearly salary depending upon if the job is full time or contract. With the current climate for job acquisitions... manufactures like to try before they buy and opt to hire a candidate for contract first then make an offer after six months.

On a past business plan for design engine I specified that design engine would take a fee in exchange for training, utilizing design engine database, resume building, coaching to assist customers to obtain their dream jobs. In a sense we resorted back to before the 70's where people pay a group for job placement.

It just looks like a Pro/E training class and we call it a four week comprehensive ... in a sense you pay us to get a job but there is a month of work and it usually takes 8 weeks before candidates get their job. And in our case many times it's the dream job candidates want, like Harley, NASA or General Dynamics.

Design Engine has assisted thousnads into obtining their dream job. 

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