Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aid Young Mechanical Engineers with Training:

1) To help young engineers who have been out of engineering school already at least one year and who have not yet got a job working as an engineer
2) To help recent mechanical engineering graduates get a job
3) To encourage councilors to utilize our assistance with enabling young engineers gain employment
4) To help young mechanical engineers get a higher wage on their first engineering job

Pro/E Training to young Mechanical Engineers:

DESIN-ENGINE | EDUCATION is where young engineers go for specific experience with 3D Solid Modeling, namely Pro/ENGINEER. Our famous three week compressive class teaches young engineers to be experts at more than one mode of Pro/ENGINEER. They can appear more experienced that already working engineers who have not yet learned aspects like Pro/SURFACE, ISDX, Pro/MECHANICA, Pro/MECHANISM or “top down design”. These are the tools that pay big money and imply you have over 5 years experience in the field. The first week is a comprehensive effort to nail down the basics of Pro/ENGINEER, focusing the last day on how to modify other engineer’s parts.The second week focuses on different extensions of Pro/E. Extensions like Pro/Sheetmetal used on John Deere cabs. Mechanism for making moving linkages. Routing Cables like that used for gas lines on Caterpillar tractors or wiring harness for a Cummins engine or wires inside a cell phone. The third week will focus on Surfacing; ergonomic and styled forms like that you find inside cars, seats or styled forms found on products on the shelf at Target. Lastly a serious look at plastics as related to tools inside Pro/ENGINEER
that enable engineers to speak intelligently during interviews about plastic part design and all of the above topics. Bottom line is that by focusing the compressive training on real world problems, we help you gain what looks like work experience to potential hiring managers.


We are hands down, the world leader in delivering high-impact courses for 3D Professionals: Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Draftsman, Mechanics mainly because what we do is so visually and metal engaging. Basically, the projects are fun. By focusing on solving a problem in design or engineering we found young engineers learn better and faster by first being engaged by a product scope. "We don't just teach the software, we teach design and engineering and choose to use Pro/ENGINEER to do it because that is where the jobs are."

We have a database of over 10 thousand contacts at companies like Caterpillar, John Deere and Military defense contractors that need Pro/ENGINEER users. If we can train young engineers on Pro/ENGINEER at the level we aim to accomplish, these manufacturers will hire them! We have strong relationships with over 300 contract agencies that call for college graduates that took our three week comprehensive as a post graduate workshop.

These online resumes are viewed by hiring managers Look for ‘websume’

Our specialized and focused Pro/E courses are offered throughout the year. Design Engine Education instructors are flexible to accommodate by offering the three week compressive workshops each month typically starting the first Monday of each month. We encourage you to tour our Chicago lofted state-of-the-art training center and meet our world-renowned instructors. We have a proven track record for training over 1000 young engineers and designers that are now working at Motorola, Caterpillar, John Deere, MASCO, Harley Davidson, and NASA.

Contact David Mazovick, our Training Coordinator or fill out our online form telling us about yourself. Stop into our Chicago training office on the weekend with friends or family to visit. Inquire over the phone with any questions, concerns, or to speak to an instructor, to customize a workshop, or to speak to other young engineer past references. 312.226.8339

Review our website carefully. There is a lot of information here. Specifically the three week comprehensive workshop website.
This is the link to the comprehensive Pro/ENGINEER training workshop. Look over the website with others and get opinions from peers and friends after speaking to others who like you just graduated from Engineering school took our class and got a job at a major manufacture.

Training: The Students and relative skills gained from the 'Three Week Comprehensive' Pro/ENGINEER training course merited Peoria's Caterpillar to hire every single Degreed or non Degreed Engineer that is available to go to Peoria. If you are interested in taking our most popular course the 'Three week Pro/ENGINEER comprehensive' or going to work for Caterpillar in Peoria, call to speak to the instructor or call for references of past students.

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