Saturday, September 09, 2006

Learning Pro/E

Lots of people want to know the best way to learn Pro/E. There are some ways that are more successful than others. Anyone can read through a book and mimic tutorials, but that will never get them to the range of "advanced to expert" users. Through the last few years, I've payed attention to those of my sudents who have excelled faster than others, noticed a few things and applied them to my classes;

1 The students who have excelled the fastest were the ones that were allowed to struggle. Due to our class size of around 4 students per instructor, there is always some one ready and waiting to assist. The best way for this to be leveraged to the student's advantage is let them struggle right up to the point of frusteration, and then help them just before they get upset. This way, when they figure things out on their own, it makes that small victory so much sweeter! However, it is important to not let the students get frusterated because their learning curve drops to zero when they are not having fun. This requires a watchful and attentive eye from the instructor with out hovering over the student and making them uncomfortable.

2 Having fun keeps students excited and on task. Letting students model objects they want to makes sure they are enjoying what they are doing and makes sure our school is not just feeding them canned tutorials.

3 Healthy competition between students keeps them learning at a fast rate. Getting the students to race through projects while helping each other out is fantastic for fast learning and having the material stick in their heads. Teaching each other tricks and working together to trouble shoot problems really helps the learning process.

Those are some of the principals that Design Engine Education uses to help us push our students to be the best. There are more specfic things as well, such as the progresion of learning the program, that Design Engine uses to teach Pro/E. Stop on by to learn with us! Check our website at


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